Roadmap Summary

Effective Policies and Strategies Strengthen the Prenatal-to-3 System of Care

The Roadmap summary chart below identifies the effective policies and strategies that positively impact each PN-3 goal.

Some policies and strategies impact multiple goals. For example, implementation of a state minimum wage can help a state work toward four different policy goals: sufficient household resources, healthy and equitable births, parental health and emotional wellbeing, and optimal child health and development.

At the same time, a single goal may be impacted by several policies and strategies. For example, states that want to increase sufficient household resources can look to five policies (expanded income eligibility for health insurance, reduced administrative burden for SNAP, paid family leave, state minimum wage, and state EITC) and one strategy (child care subsidies) to help them achieve this goal.

In the Roadmap summary chart, each goal is represented in a column, and the circles in the columns align with the policies and strategies that impact the goals. This chart helps each state select the policies and strategies that directly impact the state’s PN-3 goals.


Click to download the above summary chart (PDF). To download your state’s specific Roadmap summary chart, choose your state from the “State Roadmaps (PDF)” menu on this page. Explore more of the complete Prenatal-to-3 State Policy Roadmap below.


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