Community-Based Doula Policy Learning Symposium


Currently Accepting Applications from State Legislative Staff for our Upcoming Community-Based Doula Policy Learning Symposium!

Who Should Apply?

State legislative staff interested in supporting state policymakers in identifying ways to improve maternal and child health outcomes including preterm birth, low birthweight, and positive parent-child relationships.

About the Symposium

The three-day Policy Learning Symposium is being offered at no cost to participants on July 10-12, 2024 in Nashville, TN.

This offering provides a unique chance for participants to join a cohort of up to 40 of their peers interested in learning about community-based doulas as a strategy for improving maternal and child health outcomes. Together, attendees will learn what the research says about the impact of community-based doulas, how doulas fit into a broader maternal and child health system of care, and the policy components that should be considered to develop an equitable and comprehensive statewide policy.

Participants can expect to hear from and consult with state and national experts and community-based doula organizations.

Selected participants are required to commit, attend, and actively engage in the no-cost 3-day academy.


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