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States have gaveled in for the 2024 session and our Policy Team is tracking legislative action across the country in support of young children and their families. Follow monthly updates in this series from now until June. Subscribe to our blog email list to stay in the know.

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As we enter March, legislative sessions continue to heat up. From progress around Medicaid expansion in one Southern state to growing momentum on postpartum health care coverage, paid family leave (PFL), tax credits, and child
The clock is ticking for tax day. And which state a family lives in will have a significant impact on whether they owe taxes or receive a refund—a boost of crucial unrestricted cash for the
State legislators are off to the races! Nearly three quarters of states have gaveled in for the 2024 session, and several more will convene later this month. This post marks the starting line for our
In many states, a new year also signifies the start of a new legislative session. For lawmakers, January is a great time to introduce bills to enact evidence-based policies to improve child and family outcomes.
Since 2019, the Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center has empowered states with evidence on which policies positively impact very young children and their parents. Reviewing the evidence connecting state policies to outcomes for young children and
The Roadmap is best known for its 12 evidence-based policy solutions, but did you know we track all 50 states and the District of Columbia on 20 measures of child and family health and wellbeing?