EdsUp! Podcast with Policy Impact Center’s Dr. Abby Lane

Our own Dr. Abby Lane joins EdsUp! podcast host Dr. Cathy Grace for a conversation about the American Rescue Plan and its many implications for early care and education. Listen below and on Sound Cloud.

EdsUp! is a podcast about how to give children the best possible start in life and hosted by Dr. Cathy Grace and Dr. Melody Musgrove of the Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning at the University of Mississippi.

Dr. Abby Lane leads the expert policy team at the Policy Impact Center and engages in rigorous reviews of academic evidence on a wide range of state policies that impact the prenatal-to-3 developmental period. Full analysis of the reviewed policies to date are housed in the Prenatal-to-3 Policy Clearinghouse.

Dr. Lane and her team also developed the guide, How Will the American Rescue Plan Strengthen the Prenatal-to-3 System of Care?

Listen: EdsUp! Abby Lane: Episode Thirty-Two