Ohio Take the Wheel


As we continue to build a movement focused on the unique needs of Ohio’s youngest children, Groundwork Ohio is committed to providing an impact on policies that work for young kids. One of the ways our team drives change is by providing accurate data and expert insights to provide a comprehensive view of gaps and opportunities in our great state. In addition to providing unique data analysis, we have access to a robust national network of experts who provide context for how our state is performing and investing, or not, in policies that improve the lives of babies and their families.


Today, we joined thousands of state lawmakers, advocates, researchers, and practitioners at the 2023 National Prenatal-to-3 Research to Policy Summit to hear which states are driving improvements for children and their families. The Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center hosts the Summit annually to share a national and state landscape of progress. Under the trusted, expert leadership of Dr. Cynthia Osborne, Ohio has an updated policy roadmap to help inform our work.


State leaders can significantly increase the number of children eligible for child care subsidies across the country by expanding income eligibility thresholds. The level of income at which a family becomes initially eligible for child
Barriers to health care, high-quality health insurance, and parental leave work together to leave families and children vulnerable during the perinatal period. These barriers can shape life-long outcomes, particularly for children from historically marginalized groups.
The issue of inadequate child care in Middle Tennessee not only affects working families but also poses a critical barrier to economic growth and workforce diversity. A lack of available and affordable child care prevents