A forum for early childhood stakeholders to exchange ideas and experiences to advance scholarship and evidence-informed policymaking

Through the Prenatal-to-3 Policy-Research Exchange, the Policy Impact Center is developing close relationships with PN-3 leaders in all states to document:

  1. What states are doing in PN-3;
  2. What states are planning or want to do in PN-3; and
  3. What challenges states face in meeting their PN-3 goals.

Through a team of state policy experts, our Prenatal-to-3 Policy-Research Exchange is facilitating the sharing of information among states so states can learn from one another, and will share information with academics to increase the relevance of research. Information learned and shared through the Exchange will inform annual updates on states’ progress toward adopting and implementing effective PN-3 policies and strategies.

Click to contact our state policy team to discuss your state’s Roadmap and let us know about the opportunities and challenges in your state.