The Build Back Better Act: Increasing Affordability, Access, and Quality of Child Care for Infants and Toddlers


The federal Build Back Better Act proposes a historic investment in the care of infants and toddlers that increases access and affordability by raising income eligibility levels in many states, capping family copayments, and setting provider reimbursement rates based on the cost (not price) of providing care. Research on the impact of the receipt of child care subsidies and state spending on subsidies show a positive impact on families’ access to needed services, the ability of parents to work, and families’ ability to have sufficient household resources.


American adults believe the cost associated with raising a family is the biggest challenge facing American families overall, with concerns about technology, including social media and video games, tied with “high work demands and parental
The United States is the only industrialized nation without a paid leave policy. I spent the better part of last week at a conference hosted by the Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center looking at Paid Family
Expanded income eligibility for health insurance is one of 12 evidence-based policies included in our 2023 Prenatal-to-3 State Policy Roadmap, which details states’ progress toward adopting and implementing policies that effectively improve child and family