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Early Investment, a Lifetime of Returns: Articulating the Value of Early Childhood Investments in Virginia

Significant returns to families and the state
Throughout the nation, states are struggling to keep their child care industries afloat. Decades of underinvestment and a global pandemic threatened a near-total collapse of the system, held off only by temporary pandemic-era funding that
Opportunity begins before we are born. Beginning prenatally, certain children will face substantial obstacles to healthy development, whereas others will thrive from the start.  Opportunity follows state policy choices. Where a baby lives makes a
Tax filing behaviors and wellbeing of families in Austin, Texas.
This brief presents lessons learned from virtual service delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic to inform virtual or in-person and virtual blended social services in the future. Download (PDF)
Estimates the cost of raising children, including across a two households
This report examines the opportunities that remain for the state of Texas to support fathers and to contribute to improving the wellbeing of children. Download (PDF)
This brief highlights the importance of helping fathers maintain a healthy relationship with their children for positive child outcomes across the life course. Download (PDF)
This qualitative report shares parents’ experiences providing for their children in the context of receiving or providing child support, shedding light on the adequacy of Texas’ child support guidelines. Download (PDF)