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Refundable Tax Credits: Uptake Patterns in Texas Reveal Opportunities for States to Support Families

States and community organizations can increase awareness of credits. Increasingly, the state and federal government use tax credits, such as the child tax credit and the earned income tax credit, to support families with low
Evaluating Texas’s in-kind and monetary assistance during COVID-19 To promote nurturing and responsive parent-child relationships and healthy home environments, states can offer home visiting programs to expectant and new parents with young children. During the
Impacts on workers, families, and the state budget
Throughout the nation, states are struggling to keep their child care industries afloat. Decades of underinvestment and a global pandemic threatened a near-total collapse of the system, held off only by temporary pandemic-era funding that
Opportunity begins before we are born. Beginning prenatally, certain children will face substantial obstacles to healthy development, whereas others will thrive from the start.  Opportunity follows state policy choices. Where a baby lives makes a
Tax filing behaviors and wellbeing of families in Austin, Texas.
This brief presents lessons learned from virtual service delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic to inform virtual or in-person and virtual blended social services in the future. Download (PDF)
Estimates the cost of raising children, including across a two households

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