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Benefit-Cost Analysis of Pennsylvania Paid Family Leave Program Proposed in H.B.181

Impacts on workers, families, and the state budget
Throughout the nation, states are struggling to keep their child care industries afloat. Decades of underinvestment and a global pandemic threatened a near-total collapse of the system, held off only by temporary pandemic-era funding that
In some states, a parent working a full-time minimum wage job can obtain a subsidy and comfortably afford child care. In other states, especially in a locality without enough subsidized slots, almost all of that
Demand for subsidized child care slots is already very high. State subsidy programs simply do not meet the need. In many states, families are left lingering on waiting lists—unable to work or forced to use
The demand for subsidized child care slots varies considerably across communities. In many states, however, the supply of such slots is severely limited. Many families who qualify for subsidies are unable to use them because
What do you do if your toddler’s child care just disappears? Maybe the teacher left to take a better-paying, less messy job in retail. The child care center remains open, but with your child’s classroom