Our Team

Nanxi Xu, PhD

Senior Policy Research Associate

Nanxi is a Senior Policy Research Associate at the Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center. In her role, she examines childcare subsidies and Early Head Start strategies at the state level. Her research background is in early childhood development and learning, with an emphasis on family relationships and infant mental health.

Prior to this role, Nanxi was a researcher at the Family & Child Development Lab where she applied a biobehavioral approach (ex. EEG, RSA) to understand the legacy of early childhood experiences. She has a decade of experience working with families and children in research, clinical, and educational settings. It is her goal to promote the success and wellbeing of families and children living in historically underserved communities. Outside of research, Nanxi enjoys science communication to broad audiences and plays an active role in empowering international students studying/living in the U.S.

Nanxi has a doctoral degree in Developmental Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She also completed a pre-doctoral policy fellowship at the Research-to-Policy Collaboration affiliated with Penn State University. Nanxi lives in Portland, OR, and enjoys cooking and touring Asian grocery stores and restaurants in the city.

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