Research & Evaluation

We conduct original program and policy research to understand problems, link policies to wellbeing, and describe the return on state leaders’ investments. Through mixed methods, we balance the use of qualitative and quantitative data to both maintain methodology rigor and highlight the nuance behind the data. This balance helps us describe why programs do or do not work. We perform benefit-cost analyses, data analyses, and impact studies. We help clients understand the implications of our findings, and we help clients translate our findings for a variety of audiences.


How to improve the Texas child care sector
Impacts on workers, families, and the state budget
Significant returns to families and the state

Highlighted Research and Evaluation

Throughout the nation, states are struggling to keep their child care industries afloat. Decades of underinvestment and a global pandemic threatened a near-total collapse of the system, held off only by temporary pandemic-era funding that
Tax filing behaviors and wellbeing of families in Austin, Texas.
Estimates the cost of raising children, including across a two households
Considerations for providing home visiting services to teen parents
This report presents findings on the effectiveness of the AVANCE Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP). Download (PDF)