State policy and programmatic actions can lead to or reduce racial disparities. Adopting and implementing the effective policies outlined in the Prenatal-to-3 State Policy Roadmap are steps in the right direction to strengthen equity in systems of
Expanding income eligibility for Medicaid is one of most effective state policy solutions for the foundational prenatal-to-3 period. States can also amplify impact on the earliest years of development by leveraging Medicaid to fund four
Benefits are not impactful if those who are eligible cannot access them.  Watch below for an important discussion on strengthening policies and increasing impact by reducing barriers to accessing benefits. Nationally recognized scholars Dr. Pamela
The Prenatal-to-3 State Policy Roadmap provides guidance to state leaders on the most effective investments states can make to ensure all children have the opportunity to thrive from the start. Grounded in the science of the developing
The 2020 Prenatal-to-3 State Policy Roadmap is a comprehensive review of effective policies and strategies to help state policy leaders make informed decisions regarding their state’s prenatal-to-3 system of care. This new tool – to
The 2020 National Prenatal-to-3 Research to Policy Summit was held on September 15, 2020. The theme of the inaugural Summit was Building a State Policy Roadmap to Strengthen the Earliest Years. We had over 4,500 registrants

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